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I went for a trip in Taiwan,
the hometown I haven’t visited for the last 15 years. Things are very different
and at the same time, very familiar.  I
really like that feeling.

A few highways were built. More people are driving cars. There are more high
buildings and fewer bicycles. Economy is not doing well.
People are struggling. Most of them only have one
kid because it’s too expensive to raise a kid. Forty years later, the
population will be reduced to half. It presents a potential society problem.

In the town I stayed, daily market is still by the streets. Bargaining
goes on as before. Hot breakfasts can be bought  from
little stands. Scooters are everywhere and still don’t quite agree with the
traffic law.  Most of people live in the
apartment like condo with bars outside the windows. They are used to the heavy
traffic while walking or driving. And I felt I was risking my life.

I visited my college. School is twice as big as before. A principle had
the vision to purchase a big piece of land behind the school so it got space to
grow. Students looked busy as we were. My friend is a professor now and he has a lot of passion towards teaching in the Dept of Diplomacy. I had a reunion with my
classmates. They seemed healthy, content and aged gracefully. Two of them are also professors.

My friend took me to Taian hot spring in the mountain. We paid $8
dollars for the whole day visit. Facing the mountain and fall, there were a few
pools/cups we moved around and we were the only ones there. It was such a
pleasure; quiet and relaxing.



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