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It’s interesting to watch people in the gym in the New Year. Boosted by their resolutions, they are so motivated to run, weight lift, and swim with positive energy. I watch them year after year, knowing that by next month, I will be able to find parking easier, I will have more room in my yoga class, and I will not need to share my lane in the pool because by next month, most of this resolution energy will wear out.

This is an observation. It is not a criticism. I see it as part of being human. We are easily inspired, but also quick to forget our causes of inspiration. We get distracted by other events in life and ask ourselves, “Why bother? “ This not only happens in the gym, this happens in all areas of our lives; business development, leadership development, personal growth and relationship management. In this fast changing world, there are so many things demanding our time and energy, and it is difficult to prioritize our life events.

Here are 3 tips to help you stick with your New Year resolution.

1. Use a visual tool to sustain your commitment. We remember things better with pictures. There are many visual tools can help us. The following is an example.

Watch this 10-minute youtube video – “Best Ted Talk 2015 – Draw your future – Take control of your life” to learn how to use visual inspiration to obtain clarify. In the Video, Patti Dobrowolski shows us:

a. Draw a picture of your current state and draw a compelling picture of a new reality you desire. When you are clear about your future state and have the visual in your mind, it’s easier to act on it.
b. Use the “see it, believe it, and act on it” principle to work on 3 bold steps to achieve your goals through this brain exercise.

2. Find a partner who has a similar goal so that you can hold each other accountable and inspire each other.

For example, since I joined a Fitbit group with my daughter, I have been doing more steps daily. The visibility of everyone’s step record in the group gets me moving more daily.

3. Hire a professional coach .

A pair of fresh eyes can lend you a broader perspective about life/work balance and time management. A professional coach can help you clarify your thoughts, wants, actions, and the emotions behind them which can in turn help you move forward with positive energy.

When you alter your life, the life of your loved ones will be impacted. A masterful coach is able to help you to work though the complexity of the change and its impact on your relationships. Sometimes, our loved ones are the ones holding us back.

I have many interests that distract me. Over the years, I have always worked with a coach, which helps me to be accountable.

I hope these tips will help keep you in the gym beyond January and on the path to your resolution and life goals throughout February, March, and all the way to New Year 2017!!

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