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2020 was a year I gave significant meaning to prior to its arrival

T-Mobile seemed like a dream workplace in my anticipation of its merge with Sprint

In-person Emotional Intelligent training with EDI participants was very exciting

I was also eager to join the end of the year culmination trip for my daughter’s students

Then COVID arrived, and the unexpected happened

The world is flat and no one can escape from the pandemic

Losing lives, jobs, certainty, and plans is tough for many to adapt to

BLM brought inspiration and conflict at the same time

U.S. and China’s trade war escalated without a clear outcome

Trump’s love and hate relationships sparked a record-breaking presidential election

During the mix, spirituality came to my life

Intuition healing has emerged with my coaching, tech job left behind

2021 will be a year of healing and recovery

I am putting my positive energy out there

Wish you all a happy new year

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