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I am attending the 2012 conference for the International Coach Federation (ICF) in London. Over 900 professional coaches from 56 countries are here to learn and to connect. It’s energizing to be with people who believe in coaching and do the work with integrity. “Leadership” is the focus for the coming year. Training and mentoring are provided for the chapters and the regional leaders so that they can be stronger leaders in order to grow and serve their own communities. At the same time, volunteers have been working hard to make the coaching profession known and helping to recognize the global ICF brand of certified coaches.

Brene Brown, the keynote, spoke about vulnerability. She explained how vulnerability is the core of difficult emotions like fear, grief and disappointment; while also the birthplace of love, belonging, joy, empathy, innovation and creativity. She encouraged us to be mindful about being vulnerable; otherwise, it will effect us in a negative way. She said: “Isolation is the most dangerous state to be in since everyone needs love and belonging. The work that we do as coaches, normalizes discomfort when people learn to let go of control”. The keynote had a profound impact on me as a coach and as an employee who are learning how to fit in better at work.  I am grateful to be a part of the community and have the opportunity to develoop myself personally and professionally.

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