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2010 is quickly coming to an end. This is the year of changes. Three big changes happened in my life.

First, I stepped into the energy world. In June, I was trained by a Chinese teacher of Longevitology in Vancouver BC.  In a 6-night workshop, she opened six chakras for the students to enable us healing ourselves and others by using the universal energy. Since then, I have meditated daily and practiced balancing energy regularly. In October, I went back to the class to be a volunteer. The teacher worked with my chakras again. This time, I felt strong energy from her. When I learned to surrender, my energy started to dance with hers. It was such a unique experience that I was convinced I was meant to be on this path.

Second of all, I was accepted to the UW Bothell Leadership MBA program after a nerve breaking GMAT test. In August, I joined 13 women and 17 men to start the Leadership, Team Processes, and Decision Making course in a retreat. The first quarter went by fast. I can’t believe how much I learned in such a short time about Leadership, Strategy and Business Statistics. What I enjoyed the most were case studies. It’s fascinating to read the history and the decisions made by various businesses.  It says a lot about leaders’ vision, strategies, and ability to make things happen.

The third change happened at work. I took on social media at the beginning of the year and things started to come together now. I am grateful that I got my team’s support to build it organically with limited time and resources. Towards the end of years, social media was used as a promotion platform to attract event’s sponsorship. I see it as recognition of my vision and effort. Now, I have a core team supporting me to continue the effort. It’s a very rewarding experience to take initiative to make something happen with team work.

Energy work guided me to embrace love, forgiveness and compassion in a deeper level and enabled me to experience the wholeness of body, mind and spirituality.

Social media work taught me that some task was a process instead of an event.

Business school led me to observe organizations in different perspective. Steven Kerr’s “Common Management Reward follies” hit home –  “We hope for long-term growth but we often reward quarterly earnings. We hope for teamwork but we often reward individual effort. We hope for commitment to total quality but we often reward shopping on schedule even with defects. We hope for candor but we often reward reporting good news, whether it’s true or not; agreeing with the boss, whether or not (s) he’s right”

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