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Team Members

Hsuan-hua Chang, 張絢華, MBA, MSCS, PMP, CSPO, PCC (ICF)

Hsuan-hua (pronounced as “Shuan-hua”)  is the founder and owner of Coach Seattle Inc., an immigrant  from Taiwan, mother of three adult children, daughter of two elderly parents, and an author who learns through her fingers. She has been supporting business leaders in realizing their personal and professional goals through extraordinary leadership, business strategy and use of technology since 2004.

Hsuan-hua’s passion is to leverage technologies and develop leaders in order to make our world a better place. If your goal is to grow revenue and make an impact through leveraging technology and strong leadership, she can be your partner to make it happen. Text  425-753-7271 to book a demo coaching session today!

Delphene Black, MA, ACC, BCC

Deep Roots Consulting, Inc.
Delphene Black is a leadership coach, consultant, and educator focused on building great teams, strong lives, and effective leaders who want to achieve extraordinary results in all parts of their lives. Del spent over 25 years in corporate roles that included training, organizational development and human resources at Boeing, Raytheon, Hughes Aircraft and Fluor Daniel. Her focus was on team and leadership development, OD and culture change. She currently delivers leadership training to major corporations nation-wide.