Don’t Waste Money on Marketing Before You Have A Solid Business Strategy

Editorial note: This article appeared in Forbes on January 13th, 2017 As a business coach, entrepreneurs and executives often ask me, “Do I need a better website?” or “Should I be active on social media?” Before answering their questions, I often pose with curiosity, “What is your business strategy?” It comes as no surprise when I receive a blank […]

Branding Your Business for Success, Part III

Client: “Branding and marketing overwhelm me.” I: “What do you like to do in order to grow your business?” Client: “Networking makes me happy.” I: “How do you introduce yourself in a network meeting?” Client: “I tell people who I am and what I do.” I: “You’re actually branding and marketing yourself in this situation.” […]

Online Marketing

I attended an ICF business development webinar this morning. The topic was “Attracting More of Your Clients Online.”  There were over 400 professional coaches from more than 68 countries online. The principles emphasized were applicable to any small business owner. The featured presenter, Steve Mitten, is a business coach and Master Certified Coach.  Steve started […]