2015 Eastside Economic Forecast Keynote Summary

Joe Quinlan, Chief Market Strategist of Bank of America, delivered a keynote this morning entitled “2015 Eastside Economic Forecast Breakfast” hosted by Bellevue Chamber of Commerce. To begin, Joe presented data points which demonstrated that the US economy has been relatively stable since 2014. The indicators mentioned included: •Economy growth 3.5%(2015) vs. 3% (2014) •Unemployment […]

Bernanke’s Attempt to Calm Market about 85-Billion-per-month Bond-Buying

During the past two days, at the Congressional Hearing, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke mentioned a few times that the “85-Billion-per-month bond-buy program” has no “present course”. The WSJ commented that “Bernanke’s remarks were his latest attempt to calm markets, which have gyrated wildly since the Fed’s June meeting.” Why did the markets react negatively […]