Don’t Waste Money on Marketing Before You Have A Solid Business Strategy

Editorial note: This article appeared in Forbes on January 13th, 2017 As a business coach, entrepreneurs and executives often ask me, “Do I need a better website?” or “Should I be active on social media?” Before answering their questions, I often pose with curiosity, “What is your business strategy?” It comes as no surprise when I receive a blank […]

Do You Have a Social Media Strategy?

Many businesses have invested in social media one way or another and some might wonder if the investment is worthwhile. The following 6 guidelines can be used to evaluate your effort before further investment: 1. Review your Business Strategy Social media strategy should be a part of the overall business strategy for any business. When […]

Mining for Business Strategy Diamond (in-person workshop)

Date: 12/4th (noon to 1:30pm) Location: Bellevue Chamber of Commerce 330 112th Ave NE #100, Bellevue, WA 98004 Fee: none   Donation appreciated towards Youth Eastside Service Facilitator: Hsuan-hua Chang, MBA, business coach @ Coach Seattle Inc. In this workshop, entrepreneurs will learn new techniques and skills for growing their businesses based on the “Strategy Diamond” […]

Branding Your Business for Success: Part IV

I hosted a workshop on “Branding Your Business for Success” and guided my participants through the branding discover process as follows: Reflect upon the values that are most important for them Describe their unique business offer Group feedback During the two-hour session, we accomplished self-reflection, brand discovery and had a positive momentum towards further brand […]