Team work

In the last four days, I have been working with three peers to get a presentation ready for a meeting. We haven’t worked closely before. In addition to our regular job duties, we worked extra hours; taking turns to contribute to the slides. We naturally came together as a team because we shared the same […]

Team or Clique

Leaders might believe that they have a good team since team members get along and work together. They get their job done.   I used to listen to leaders’ experience of their team and coach them from their experience. Now, I often ask leaders to look deeper. What gives the team positive energy? Does that […]

Hockey games

I was with my 17 yr old son in BC for the Global Hockey Scouting Show Case last week. Over 250 top players from North American attended the event. They were teamed up and played 4 games in 4 days for scouting personnel.  I was impressed that they played as a team so well without […]