Learning in Relationship

It’s been a busy month since I took on a new assignment. It’s reflection time.  Tasks are not challenging. I process them fast and multi-task efficiently. Serving customers is not a problem since I am well supported and appreciated by the external teams. The learning has been on building report and trust within an established […]

Team or Clique

Leaders might believe that they have a good team since team members get along and work together. They get their job done.   I used to listen to leaders’ experience of their team and coach them from their experience. Now, I often ask leaders to look deeper. What gives the team positive energy? Does that […]

What are you making at the moment?

W. Barnett Pearce, PhD was the keynote speaker for the ICF 3rd Annual Coaching Research Symposium.   He said communication was what we were making at the moment through interaction. Isn’t that a powerful statement? So many times, we thought we were communicating; we actually either were venting or gossiping. Sometimes, we thought we were […]

Parenting/coaching seasons

"Just as nature has its seasons – time to plant, tend, harvest and lay fallow – so too does powerful coaching. There are times when the client is best served by digging deep and exploring possibilities. There is a time to call the client forth, set accountabilities and move into action. There are times when […]