Hiring Can Be a Delight – Get the Right People in the Right Seat

Business leaders all share similar problems and I’ve learned through my years of coaching that hiring and retention are one of the top concerns that keep business leaders up at night. On the surface, hiring seems like a simple process: Compose a job description, interview a few folks, and find the best candidate to fill […]

Company Culture and Millennial Retention

Netflix employees can now take unlimited paid parental leave. The day after Netflix announced this news on August 4th, Microsoft made a similar announcement, saying it was to align benefits to its culture in a statement that included the quote, “We’re enhancing our paid Parental Leave to 12 weeks, paid at 100 percent, for all mothers and fathers of new […]

Effective communication and team building – Emergenetics Experience

I was in a training on facilitating effective communications and team building through “Emergenetics”; a personality and behavior profile. Emergenetics provides a simple way to raise awareness of team dynamics through strength-based thinking and behavior analysis. Personally, I learned to work more effectively with different type of personalities through verbal and written communications. Before the […]

Operations and Project Management, team and leadership

We wrapped up the Operations and Project Management course with team presentations a couple of hours ago. In the last ten weeks, we worked with a corporation on a pilot product feasibility study. We put many hours into the project to collect and analize data. Tonight, we presented our analysis and recommendations to a team from the […]

Innovation and Creativity

Today, we completed the “Creativity and Innovation” class with an intensive 7-hour simulation to save a financially at-risk company. I was totally inspired by what I learned from this class; different innovation types, levels and processes, case studies, research project on Great Innovation Product “Xbox 360 Kinect”, the workshop of “Six Thinking Hats” and today’s […]

Team work

In the last four days, I have been working with three peers to get a presentation ready for a meeting. We haven’t worked closely before. In addition to our regular job duties, we worked extra hours; taking turns to contribute to the slides. We naturally came together as a team because we shared the same […]