New York

I attended the 10th annual Cloud Expo in New York from 11th to 13th. Since I decided to keep a low budget for the trip, I booked a hotel 25 blocks away from the conference.  I travelled by subway and walked a lot in the city. The public transportation in New York is quite convenient […]

Rule Number 6

We live in a fast changing world. So much information flows in the internet. We work, take care of family or fill our life with a busy schedule. Then, we get overwhelmed and have a lower tolerance to the external environment. Emotions are easily triggered and we quickly dump the anxiety and anger. It seems […]

2010 Reflection

2010 is quickly coming to an end. This is the year of changes. Three big changes happened in my life. First, I stepped into the energy world. In June, I was trained by a Chinese teacher of Longevitology in Vancouver BC.  In a 6-night workshop, she opened six chakras for the students to enable us healing […]

Longevitology (長生學)

I had an amazing experience attending the Longevitology workshop. Tzu-Chen Lin, the teacher, gradually opened our chakras during several classes and taught us how to adjust energy for ourselves and others. We learned to bring the energy from the universe to the person we were adjusting. Love, compassion and forgiveness provide us the space needed […]

Water and I

While I was in a leadership coaching training last year, a homework was given to ask us to choose a new physical activity. I chose swimming, even though I had always been afraid of the water. I had learned to do the backstroke years ago and I still didn’t feel safe in the water. I wanted to […]

Music and Magic

I used to watch clock when I worked out. How much longer? Last week, I received a CD from my friend. It has songs with great dance beats. When I listened to the CD while working out, I could simply go extra miles. The music did magic.   I start to think. As a life […]