A Leader’s Presence

Editorial note: This article appeared in Linkedin on November 11th, 2016 This volatile election has been a traumatic experience for America, and we are still processing its impact. The floods of offensive viral material circulating the Internet are evidence. For example one video shows Pennsylvania teenagers shouting ‘white power’ in celebration of Trump’s win.  Another photo shows a truck driving around Brooksville, Florida, emblazoned […]

The Power of Accepting Compliments

Editorial note: This article appeared in Linkedin on May 26th, 2016 Traditionally in Chinese culture, politeness and modesty are intertwined.  For example, if one gives a compliment to another, such as, “Your painting looks beautiful,” the polite reply might be, “No, no, it’s a mess. I was playing with the brush.” Responding to a compliment with […]

Emotionally Intelligent Leader

Recently, several people told me that they just want to hire someone who listens to them. I understand the importance of being heard. Managers and business leaders are always busy. Having someone listen to them instead of constantly challenging their decisions makes management easier. However, mindless compliance itself is detrimental to effective, sustainable leadership. If […]

Leader’s Distinction

When a leader says “I have seen too many of these types of situations”, is it possible that he might be projecting his experience to a new situation? I had an interesting discussion with a reader about empowerment after he read my previous post “Cooperate Employees vs. Entrepreneurs”. The discussion took me into deeper thought […]

Effective communication and team building – Emergenetics Experience

I was in a training on facilitating effective communications and team building through “Emergenetics”; a personality and behavior profile. Emergenetics provides a simple way to raise awareness of team dynamics through strength-based thinking and behavior analysis. Personally, I learned to work more effectively with different type of personalities through verbal and written communications. Before the […]

Building Authentic Trust in Relationships

I was in a workshop on “Building Authentic Trust” last Friday. I learned that this workshop was less on “trust” and more on our ability to create trust. This was quite a refreshing perspective. I recalled one coaching session I had. My client complained about his group lacking trust and the tendency of people on […]