Big Idea 2016 – The Sharing Economy Will Transform Our World

In 2016, more people than ever will be utilizing the sharing economy, such as Uber and Airbnb. This trend is ushering in some very positive cultural shifts. By relying on mutual rating processes and transparency through increased online presence, the sharing economy promotes accountability and discipline in both service providers and consumers. This educates people […]

2015 Eastside Economic Forecast Keynote Summary

Joe Quinlan, Chief Market Strategist of Bank of America, delivered a keynote this morning entitled “2015 Eastside Economic Forecast Breakfast” hosted by Bellevue Chamber of Commerce. To begin, Joe presented data points which demonstrated that the US economy has been relatively stable since 2014. The indicators mentioned included: •Economy growth 3.5%(2015) vs. 3% (2014) •Unemployment […]

Detroit and others

Today, The Wall Street Journal has a good article titled: “After Detroit, Who’s next”. The article discussed what happens to Detroit after it worked very hard to pay retirement benefits and issued debt that was used to finance pension contributions over the past ten years. A borrow-tax-spend cycle continued. In the last few years, to […]

Bernanke’s Attempt to Calm Market about 85-Billion-per-month Bond-Buying

During the past two days, at the Congressional Hearing, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke mentioned a few times that the “85-Billion-per-month bond-buy program” has no “present course”. The WSJ commented that “Bernanke’s remarks were his latest attempt to calm markets, which have gyrated wildly since the Fed’s June meeting.” Why did the markets react negatively […]