Transitions are processes that involve making decisions and adapting to changes. In our lives, we go through many transitions. While some may be easier than others,  they all challenge our confidence in different ways. We might feel powerless about certain transitions that we have no control over, yet we can still make choices that move us forward. We might feel […]

Communication with a Design

Recently, I joined the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce. At the meetings, there were financial folks, business coaches, insurance agents and more. The membership structure is different from BNI, where only one member represents one profession in a group in order to avoid a conflict of interest. Since I believe that everyone has his/her own marketplace with […]

Emotionally Intelligent Leader

Recently, several people told me that they just want to hire someone who listens to them. I understand the importance of being heard. Managers and business leaders are always busy. Having someone listen to them instead of constantly challenging their decisions makes management easier. However, mindless compliance itself is detrimental to effective, sustainable leadership. If […]

Online Marketing

I attended an ICF business development webinar this morning. The topic was “Attracting More of Your Clients Online.”  There were over 400 professional coaches from more than 68 countries online. The principles emphasized were applicable to any small business owner. The featured presenter, Steve Mitten, is a business coach and Master Certified Coach.  Steve started […]

2012 ICF Conference

I am attending the 2012 conference for the International Coach Federation (ICF) in London. Over 900 professional coaches from 56 countries are here to learn and to connect. It’s energizing to be with people who believe in coaching and do the work with integrity. “Leadership” is the focus for the coming year. Training and mentoring are […]

ICF conference in Montreal

I was in the ICF (International Coach Federation) Annual Conference last week. There were over 1500 coaches from 40+ countries attended the conference. The opening session started with a song "when you were born, you cried and world rejoiced, live your life so that when you die, the world cries and you rejoice.” I was […]