From Social Media to Social Justice

Editorial note: This article appeared in Linkedin on August 30th, 2016 In a money motivated world, there is no shortage of unfortunate examples of businesses placing profit above social responsibility. When this happens, how are producers held accountable for their actions, and who is influential in the process of making change? A recent news story from […]

Do You Have a Social Media Strategy?

Many businesses have invested in social media one way or another and some might wonder if the investment is worthwhile. The following 6 guidelines can be used to evaluate your effort before further investment: 1. Review your Business Strategy Social media strategy should be a part of the overall business strategy for any business. When […]

Branding with LinkedIn

One of  my favorite  quotes reads : “Writing, to me,  is thinking through my fingers”~ Isaac Asimov. It speaks to me. While I write,  I think, reflect and have fun. One of my managers once said to me “English is your second language, it must be hard for you to write.” He caught me in surprise and I didn’t know how […]

Branding in a New Business Age

Branding is essential for building a success business.  What is branding? Branding has a few definitions; a unique offer, a unique promise of value, a reason to choose and others. In his book Branding Your Business, James Hammond wrote “A brand is the total sensory experience a customer has with your company and its product or service.” […]

Branding Your Business for Success: Part IV

I hosted a workshop on “Branding Your Business for Success” and guided my participants through the branding discover process as follows: Reflect upon the values that are most important for them Describe their unique business offer Group feedback During the two-hour session, we accomplished self-reflection, brand discovery and had a positive momentum towards further brand […]